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"Free Flight III"

"Third Time's the Charm"

18 Artists - 3 paintings each

Opening:  Jan 9 through May 31, 2015
Reception:  Saturday,
Jan 10, 3-6 pm

     This Exhibit by 18 artists is a tri fold story, three images side by side, completing, matching or contrasting parts...Triptych.

The size, style, subject and medium gave the artists an opportunity to create whatever story that they wanted to share.

Please come and experience each triptych and discover the relationship that tells their story.


Triptych Image by Pauline Lazzarini

 Exhibiting Artists

                       Beverly Bird                     Lois Need
                       D.A. Bishop                      Lois Phillips
                       Gretchen Butler               Ron Quercia
                       Sally Cataldo                    Stacey Schuett
                       Tamsen Donner                Dianna Soderling
                       Chris Grassano                 Maria-Esther Sund
                       Karen Kelly                       Reed Switzer
                       Francine Krause               Inna Talantova
                       Pauline Lazzarini             Laurie Wilkinson

Please join us in Free Flight III.



For more information please contact Ron or Bobbi Jeanne Quercia.
Gallery hours 11 am - 5 pm, open Friday - Monday or by appointment.

Quercia Gallery, PO Box 246, Duncans Mills, CA   95430   (707) 865-0243

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