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"The River Runs Through It"

Wildlife of West County


Chris Grassano

Open:  July 31 - September 28, 2015
Reception:  Saturday, August 1, 3-6 pm



       I am inspired by all of the incredible wildlife of West Sonoma County. I can be  
       moved by the smallest insect, a simple mushroom, the chirp of a chickadee, the
       howl of a coyote. Every time I go outside for a walk under the redwoods or along
       Austin Creek or the Russian River itís a treat for my senses.

       This show expresses the wonder I feel being part of this land, these waters.
       There is joy in watching dragonflies swoop and soar. Majesty in the preening of a
       merganser. Stealth in the swimming of a river otter. Beauty in the hover of a red
       admiral butterfly. Companionship in the snuggling of mourning doves.

       My art bridges the realism of the wildlife I see with the mystery of the larger world
       and communicates a vision of hope and endurance. Thank you for enjoying this show
       and my art.


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